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Founded in 2001, then listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2011, Yitong Technology is a Chinese market leader specialized in manufacturing CATV equipment and video monitoring systems. Our products are present in China, Asia, North America a
  • HFC - Optical Fiber Transmission

    Optical Transmitter EDFA - Optical Amplifier Optical Platform Optical Switch Optical Receiver RFoG SATV/CATV Optical Transmitter/Receiver Optical Node / Workstation

  • CATV - Coaxial Cable Transmission

    RF Amplifier RF Switch Tap and Splitter Accessories

  • EOC - Ethernet over Coax

    Homeplug AV Homeplug AV 2.0 HINOC c.LINK 1.1 Passive EoC



  • Home Networking

    MoCA PLC - Powerline WiFi Router

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