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Yitong technology Zeng Zhihui, Tim style "to celebrate the three eight international women's Day activities

2019-06-26 17:49
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On the morning of 7 March 2015, Yitong technology consists of more than two hundred female employees in the company conference and Exhibition Center held the & ldquo; gain wisdom, Tim style & rdquo; to celebrate the international women's Day activities. Activities in recognition of the year 2015 was awarded the first batch of & ldquo; Yitong technology women demonstrative hillock & rdquo; EOC plug-in workshop group, CATV passive plant commissioning group, CATV active assembly group 6 teams. At the same time by watching "let women live happiness wisdom" and other content, called on all female staff to establish confidence, independent, strong, healthy concept, using their own words and deeds, in your career, the family assumed responsibility for the due diligence and hard-working dedication, and actively play the & ldquo; half the sky & rdquo.