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Yitong science and technology held "striving to be civilized Walter billion, dedication contribute for the celebration of the theme" 51 International Labor Day "activities

2019-06-26 17:54
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On the afternoon of April 30, 2015, Yitong technology leaders at all levels, model workers and advanced individuals and all the young employees, in the company conference and Exhibition Center held to & ldquo; striving to be civilized Walter billion, dedication and contribution & rdquo; for the celebration of the theme & ldquo; 51 international labor day & rdquo; activity. Conference of the year 2015 model workers and advanced individual and collective recognition. At the same time, all the staff heard the & ldquo; traffic civilization in mind & rdquo; knowledge training; read the & ldquo; Yitong standards & rdquo;, signature striving to be civilized Yitong people. Through activities to enhance the sense of mission and sense of responsibility, keep in mind the most glorious work.